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Feb 10

To those who actually read my blog

Taking a break from this blog. For how long ? Who knows. I’m going to focus on my other blog for a while to consistently make those posts. This other blog is something I’ve been looking forward to for a while and can help a lot of people if I get it out there. I’m not deactivating it because I still want these posts available for whoever wants to look.

Jan 24

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Hi there,

as stated in the description this is a way for teens to show their support for each other when dealing with parents with cancer, or dealing with the loss of a parent to cancer. This does not limit it to parents. Teens can express anything they need to about dealing with a loved one who…

Follow this blog, I’ll be posting more soon, I think this blog can really help once I get on the habit of consistently posting

Jan 20
Happy birthday Tom Baker! My favorite doctor

Happy birthday Tom Baker! My favorite doctor

Jan 06


hey guys so there is a new blog joining us on tumblr!
It’s called “the next generation survivors”
it is a blog that connects kids and teens dealing with a parent or a loved one who has cancer or who have lost the battle. 
this blog shows people they are not alone. It gives them the chance to get in touch with people their own age and going through similar situations.

it is a support system that shows you are not alone in the fight. i know its hard to talk to adults sometimes, which is the purpose of this blog. and if you still are skeptical of sharing on the blog, feel free to go the anon route. no judgement.

being completely honest, its my blog.


Jan 02


Everyone says shyness is a passing thing. the stereo typical shy person is pretty much invisible. Just because you’re shy doesn’t mean you can’t talk or that you don’t have social skills. You just take a while to get used to people.

There could be this guy or girl that you just can’t muster up the courage to talk to. It can be because you like them, or because you may be intimidated by them. Shyness can jump in at any time and everyone is capable of shyness.

You could be shy around a person of the opposite gender, then you are best friends and completely loud with another person.

People get confused by this and start to think that you can turn shyness on and off with a switch. It’s just a matter of who you are comfortable around.

Take my friend for example…

Loud as can be with us and around certain guys. When it comes to other guys and even girls she’s intimidated by; she is a completely different person.

Getting over shyness isn’t easy. The thing to do is to just be yourself and if others don’t like it…fuck them.

Dec 06




Jennifer Lawrence is my hero.

I can never not retweet this. She is my inspiration

retweet nigga this is tumblr

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Jennifer Lawrence is my hero.

I can never not retweet this. She is my inspiration

retweet nigga this is tumblr

Hahaha retweet

Dec 06

Reblog if you believe in Sherlock Holmes.



Can this post reach 7 million until Christmas?


Nov 29


It keeps getting better……

love it

Nov 17

you know who you are…

to be frank

it is you i have to thank

you showed me a lost love

and then turned down mine

was i upset


but now i power through

the truth of the matter is

i’m over you

so many sleepless nights you cause

our conversations 

would have an extremely long pause

i have found someone better

i have found someone new

i’m really glad i’m no longer stuck on you

i have said this before

but now it’s true

i am over you.

so this is goodbye

to all the times i’ve cried.

you should know who you are

you are the longest crush i’ve had by far

if you are offended

all i can say is sorry

but do not worry

no names will be shared

no gossip spread

though i still wonder 

what goes on in your head

so goodbye to the tears

goodbye to the fears

of losing someone that meant so much

if you were really the one

you would have stayed

whether it’s as a friend

less or more

you know who you are

of this i’m sure

Oct 15